Summer Camp Oakville

June 11, 2018

Tell me, what does your kid love to do with their magical creative time. They all have that time whether it's to literally do some crafts and art with crayons, markers, play dough and clay.. but there are so many wonderful creative things that kids do to recharge and take that very special time they need to let their minds drift away!

When my oldest son was 2-3 years old he loved trains.. he would build trains with lego and gently (and not so gently) drive them around the house on his hands and knees making whistle sounds and he was lost in that creative play. When he became older, he turned to cartooning and scribble-drawings to express himself. He is now the musical one plays guitar as well as piano to lose himself in creativity.

My younger son was more of a" light sabers can be made of anything" type of child. Star Wars, Super Heroes, Pirates, usually he was the bad buy but.. no judgement here! He is the one who turned to realism and drawing when he got a bit older and still takes time as a teenager to draw and relax by drawing characters and images he is into. What a great way for kids to handle stress, which is definitely an on-going issue. 

It's important no matter how academic a parent you are, to nurture your child's creative side as well. Numerous studies have shown that taking time to do art, crafts, drawing, sewing, painting and other creative pursuits (including music of course!) will increase results in other areas. Not only that.. art is FUN and there is a huge sense of pride in kids and teenagers who create something personal and special to them!

Summer camps have begun at Speckles Art Studio in Oakville. We are also running our Summer Drawing Lessons through July and August. Our programs are empowering, we are proud of our returning instructors and the high-quality of the art we promote and turn out of this location! Nothing will go from the fridge to the trash, we assist kids in creating artwork and keepsakes to treasure always.

Contact the studio for more info and to register. Some spots remain for the current 2018 summer season and we look forward to having you! 905-825-9994.


Robot Birthday Party!

October 6, 2012
I love our Robot Birthday theme, inspired by our very own "Speckles the Robot" and his friends Freckles and Knuckles. Kids love them too, and this art party is suitable for kids of all ages.

The birthday guests do the background first, using a sponge brush and acrylic paint on the canvas. I do not add water, as we need the background to dry fairly quickly so that we can add the body shapes.

While the background dries, the kids sketch-out and colour how they will do their robots. They then bl...
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Ten Reasons Why Art is Good for Kids

September 18, 2012

1) Art Teaches Problem Solving. Making art demonstrates that there can be multiple solutions to the same problem. Art expands our experience and encourages open-ended thinking that creates an environment of questions rather than answers.

2) Art Prepares Kids for the Future. Creative, open-minded people are highly desired in all career paths.
Art and creative education increases the future quality
of the local and global community. Being creative is a lifelong skill th...

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art classes, mixed media and model building with LEGO - fall classes

September 16, 2012
Fall classes for children are about to begin.. art fundamentals, mixed-media, book arts, comic book arts and our popular model building classes which use LEGO bricks!

The summer was a great time for experimenting with the things we would use this fall in our programs and there is still space in most of them, but we are a new studio and that is to be expected. I am offering single classes in the model-building to allow parents to try it out for $25/class, if they love it they can continue with ...
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About Me

I am the Art Director and Owner of a new studio in Oakville, Ontario. It's been a dream come true bringing a childhood and lifelong dream to fruition! My studio offers Art, Mixed-Media and LEGO brick building classes, it's all about creativity here, and our mission is to keep all children engaged at their own level. Thanks for stopping by to see what we are up to now!