The first week of camp, our LEGO enthusiast boys took part in the Bricks & Brushes Camp built models and created with loads of bricks, but also created these fabulous mixed-media 3D canvas paintings. We had a couple of avid Star Wars fans as you can see!

We created these masterpieces by planning our design, making LEGO men out of plaster using a mold, painting on a 5x7 canvas using acrylic paints, then gluing our characters into the scene. We finalized our works of art using inexpensive frames (I removed the glass) in black and silver that really made them pop. In this pic you can alsosee some "practice" LEGO figures we made with plasticine.

The molds were purchased from the LEGO store, we have used them so far to make clay figures, plaster figures, paper-pulp figures and crayons!

I think they are fantastic, and so did the boys!