I saw several examples of this simple printmaking method on Pinterest, and found it to be the perfect solution for teaching kids about the art of printmaking without the use of sharp tools. The results are beautiful, and even the simplest design looks fantastic as a print series or a card.

The kids had so much fun scratching their images into the styrofoam, spreading the ink onto the tray and onto their handmade printing plate and then pressing down onto cardstock. The reveal is the most exciting part!

Angela is only 5 years old but her spaceship prints were inspiring to everyone in the group! We enjoyed leaving the black ink on and adding the red for interesting results. It gave our prints a "rusty" look..

We will definitely be using this simple printmaking method again in the studio! Next month, I am also going to use this technique on Ladies Night Out so that the moms can also enjoy this process and leave with some handmade note cards.